Covid1984: Questions


Covid1984: Questions

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, in “Reply to the Governor”, 1755.

An ICU Nurse Of 30 Years Speaks Out

This woman has been an ICU nurse for 30 years in Utah, mostly in intensive care. In this short interview she comes forward with her experience of the situation. This includes pressure to note down COVID as the cause of death even if this is not so, reuse of single use equipment, shut down of preventative care and organ donations, ignoring co-morbidities, ignoring the immune system and the environment of fear (which is prime for tyranny).

The full interview: ICU Nurse Whistle blower: Covid19 is Manufactured Crisis, published on Apr 9, 2020 []


Mandates are not making sense. Care of patients who have nothing to do with COVID is being compromised. It is not based on sound medical logic but hands are tied.

“And the epidemiologist and the experienced medical people who have medical background know this. But they are being silenced.”

There is pressure in the medical community to rule out COVID. Patients are treated as if they have it until you find out that they don’t. If a patient dies and they are COVID positive then one is expected to put down COVID as the cause of death, even if they didn’t die from it. If you disclose these facts, you’re technically breaking federal law. N95 masks are not safe for reuse. It is not protocol. They are being asked to rewash equipment that should be single use. It is not safe for nurses, nor patients. All preventative care is shut down. Probably people are having heart attacks at home and are staying silently at home. Organ donation services are shut down. There is inconsistency in testing. You can’t be certain of the results you get back. Co-morbidities are not taken into account, are not being reported. Staff and patient are treated as if they have no intact immune system. There is no talk about how to strengthen the immune system. The immune system constantly fights off invaders and we don’t skip a beat. The stress response of the propagated fear weakens the immune system.

“This is the prime environment and situation for people to come in and take control. The population right now is primed to be subject to tyranny.”

New York City Health Alert

This lady is a nurse practitioner, licensed and certified. She is coming out as the voice for a friend in New York City who is on the front lines. For her safety she can not come out directly.

In the video: The protocol is a sedative and antibiotics.

Antibiotics fight bacteria, antivirals fight virusses.

The video:


People are sick. They don’t have to stay sick. They are killing them. They are not helping them.

Patients are alone. They don’t know any better. There is no one with them to advocate for them.

Patients are put on ventilators, which are causing damage to the lungs.

The protocol is some sort of sedation and IV antibiotics. There is no use of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, no use of zinc or vitamin C, nor high doses of vitamin A and D. They laugh at that. This is a nightmare.

Some of us know what is going on. Nothing is changing on the front lines.

They are not doing rapid result tests.

It is a horror movie. Not because of the disease but the way it is handled.

Understaffed but staff waiting to be put on a shift. Resources not being used to capacity.

Records and charting are crap.

We have nurses being celebrated as heros who are killing people. They’re not heros.

Demand medication to be at-home. Don’t consent to intubation, it is wrongly used in many cases. Ventilators are making people worse.

Dr. Thomas Cowan

CBC News claims to debunk doctor Thomas Cowan in this video: No, 5G doesn’t cause the coronavirus, published Mar 24, 2020 []

Dr. Cowan:

However, comparing the two videos, it look like some clever editing and cherry picking. CBC says that Cowan claims that a virus isn’t behind the pandemic, but 5G is. Cowan is actually referring to the work of Rudolph Steiner about a theory of viruses. A theory in line with modern understanding about viruses, eg. the exosome and the head of the NIH’s talk on the complexity of viruses. Cowan claims that Wuhan is the first COMPLETELY blanketed 5G city. Not that it is the only one, nor the first, with 5G capabilities, as CBC would have you believe. As for Jason Kindrachuk comment that there have been successful infections with viruses, Cowan hasn’t claimed that personally. Cowan mentions Steiner’s theory, from which Cowan conveys that viruses don’t cause anything.

Something CBC has neglected from Cowan’s talk, is his reference to the book The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg, Cowan describes a link between electrification and disease as layed out in this book. The book has about 200 pages of references to peer-reviewed studies. Which is to say, it is hardly the opinion of Firstenberg, nor Cowan.

Dr. Erickson’s Briefing

YouTube took down the original video of Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi holding a press conference on COVID-19. The video was published on 22 April 2020. It was still watchable in full on 24 April 2020. This was the link:

Or go to the ABC site directly:


1:41 Their volume has dropped significantly. ICU’s are empty. Floors are shut down. Health system has been evacuated at certain places. New York works at maximum capacity. California is at a minimum capacity.

2:30 People with heart disease, cancer, hypertension and various critical things are choosing not to come in, out of fear.

3:23 Typically you quarantine the sick. Never seen where quarantine the healthy.

4:05 Their facilities have tested 5,213 people. They have 340 positive COVID cases. That is 6.5% of the population. Indicates widespread infection, similar to flu.

4:39 California: 33,865 COVID cases, 280,900 total tested, 12% of Californians were positive. Initial models were very inaccurate. They predicted millions of cases of deaths, not of prevalence or incidents. This is not materializing. 1,227 deaths, with possible prevalence of 4.7 million, this is a 0.03% chance of dying of COVID in California. Does that necessitate lockdown?

6:08 96% of people in California recover with almost no significant continued problems.

6:41 The prevalence gets larger, the deaths stay the same. So death rate gets smaller and smaller.

7:13 New York State: 256,272 cases, 649,325 tests, is 39% tested positive. Is public data online. Likely have 7.5 million cases in NY State.

8:55 Deaths in NY State is 19,410. Out of 19 million people. Is 0.1% chance of dying of COVID. They have a 92% recovery rate, if indeed tested positive for COVID. Millions of cases, small amount of deaths.

9:32 USA: 802,590 cases, 4+ million tested, 19.6% positive out of those tested for COVID-19. 328 million people times 19.6% is 64 million.

10:13 It’s similar to the flu. 2017-18 numbers: 50-60 million with the flu. And similar death rate, 43,545 deaths in USA.

10:37 No pandemic talk. No shelter in place. No shutting down of businesses. No sending doctors home.

10:51 Per the CDC.

12:52 Norway has lockdown. Sweden does not have lockdown.

15:02 Norway’s numbers are a little bit better. Does it necessitate shutdown, loss of jobs, destruction of the oil company, furloughing doctors?

15:26 Secondary effects, cost of social isolation: child molestation is increasing at a severe rate. These things last a lifetime. This isn’t about a seasonal flu. Spousal abuse. Alcoholism, anxiety, depression, suicide. Suicide is spiking, education has dropped off, economic collapse, medical industry.

18:21 Basic stuff of how immune system functions. The immune system is built by exposure to antigens. Little children crawling on ground, touching mouth, viruses and bacteria come in, immune system is built. Not put small child in bubble wrap in a room and say ‘go have a healthy immune system’. Immunology 101. The basis of what we’ve known for years.

19:00 Take humans and put them at home, clean all counters, wear a mask, don’t go outside. What does it do to our immune system? My immune system drops. Keep me there for months, it drops more. Worried about things I need to survive.

20:24 People worrying too much? Of course they are. From media telling them. Sheltering decreases immune system. Then as we come out, with lower immune system, and trade viruses and bacteria, what think will happen? Disease is going to spike. Disease spike amongst a hospital system that furloughed doctors and nurses. Not the combination that want for healthy society.

22:28 We’ve never ever responded like this in the history of the country. Why are we doing this now?

25:23 We’re not seeing what they’ve been talking about. Is social isolation warranted for the healthy?

27:36 Coronaviruses lives on plastics for 3 days. And we’re all sheltering in place. Where did you get your water bottles from? Costco. Where did you get that plastic shovel from? Home Depot. Those are fomites and carriers of disease. You think you’re sheltering your family and taking fomites, are you really protecting yourself? Does that make sense to you? It is OK to mingle in those situations but we have to not go to work. It’s OK to go to Costco but not to church. Do you see the lack of consistency here?

28:59 We wear masks in an acute setting to protect us. We’re not wearing masks. We understand microbiology, we understand immunology and we want strong immune systems. I don’t want to hide in my home, develop a weak immune system and then come out and get diseased.

29:18 We’ve both been in the ER through Swine Flu and through Bird Flu. Did we shut down for those? Were they much less dangerous than COVID? Is the Flu less dangerous? Let’s look at the death rates. No it’s not.

29:37 Now that we know the facts, it’s time to get back to work.

30:02 What’s interesting to me too, when someone dies in this country right now, they’re not talking about the high blood pressure, the diabetes, the stroke. They say, did they die from COVID? You talk about co-morbidities. COVID was part of it, it’s part of many reasons. Do you know how many people die with flu? It’s not from flu. Their lungs were compromised by COPD. They had a heart attack two years ago. They have a weakened body. We aren’t pressured to test for flu. Now we’re being pressured to add COVID. Why is that? Too maybe increase the numbers and make it look a little worse than it is? I think so.

31:46 The actual cause of death was not COVID but it is being reported as one of the disease processes and being added to the death list, when they died from COPD. They had COVID. COVID didn’t kill them. 25 years of tobacco use killed them.

33:29 You guys think herd immunity is the way to go then? I think so.

34:03 It is not statistically significant whether you lock down or not. So why are we doing it? Would it be safe for people to be outside right now? Yes.

36:18 Do we need to still shelter in place? Emphatically no. Do we need businesses shut down? Emphatically no. The secondary effects are a significantly more detrimental thing to society than a virus that is proving similar in nature to the seasonal flu we have every year.

36:52 We also need to put measures in place so economic shutdown like this does not happen again. We want to make sure we understand that quarantining the sick is what we do, not quarantining the healthy. We need to make sure if you’re going to dance on someone’s Constitutional Rights you better have a good reason. You better have a really good scientific reason and not just theory.

38:12 Because the data is showing us, it’s time to lift. So if we don’t lift, what is the reason?

43:25 Big businesses can stay open, small ones not. There is no science behind that. There’s other factors in play.

From the ABC page:

Erickson said Accelerated Urgent Care have been in communication with the Kern County Public Health Department and discussed whether the state should reopen. In response, public health has offered the following statement:

“In our ongoing effort to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on our residents and healthcare system, we continue to adhere to the guidance issued by Governor Newsom regarding the stay at home order.

Kern County Public Health Services recommends the following protective measures:
Stay at home except for essential needs.
Practice social distancing.
Wash hands with soap and water often.
Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your elbow.
Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
Stay away from work, school or other people if you become sick.
Wear face covering while in public if you are unable to maintain social distancing.”

Dr. Cameron Kyle Sidell

Dr. Sidell questions the paradigm that is being used to treat COVID-19. It is thought to cause something similar to pneumonia but observation suggests it looks more like high altitude sickness. Ventilators are doing more harm than good. Beliefs must be overcome. Dr. Sidell urges people to speak up. The nurse in the New York City Health Alert video said Dr. Sidell was censored on YouTube.

Dr. Sidell’s video is available here (published on 5 April 2020, still watchable on 1 May 2020):


Virus thought to cause pneumonia, starting from something mild like a cough.

COVID-19 not this disease. Medical paradigm that is untrue.

Misguided treatment leading to tremendous harm to people.

Not pneumonia and not treated as one. Appears as resembling high altitude sickness.

Not know the answer to this disease but quite sure that a ventilator is not it.

Use ventilators if muscle’s of patient are too tired to work. Muscle’s work fine in these patients.

Increasing pressure on lungs to open them up is doing more harm than good.

Use them in safer methods. Beliefs that must be overcome.

Urge you to speak up.

Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier

Luc Montagnier won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008. The prize was awarded for discovering a retrovirus that attacked lymphocytes. Later this retrovirus was named Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

In an interview on the French channel CNEWS he said that the COVID-19 virus is partially lab grown. According to his research it contains small sequences of HIV. He insists that more and more researchers are coming to the same conclusion. He says that evidence and research papers are being suppressed.

Interview transcript

Host: So what interests me this morning is that you are working right now on the virus.

Montagnier: I’m working on it, but not necessarily in the lab, since we mainly work on computers along with a colleague. We have no experiments, but the experience comes from the disease itself; from the measures that are made currently in labs and on patients

Host: And you came out with conclusions?

Montagnier: Well, we came to the conclusion that there has been a manipulation regarding this virus.

Host: What do you mean?

Montagnier: In fact, part of the virus, not the whole, is manipulated. Well, the virus follows a classic model that comes from bats; but on top of this model they have added sequences of HIV, the AIDS virus.

Host: When you say “they have added”, you mean who?

Montagnier: Oh, I don’t know.

Host: And it’s not natural, this is what you mean?

Montagnier: No, it’s not natural. It’s a lab work of professional molecular biologists. It’s a very accurate work. We can say a work of watchmaker.

Host: But for what purpose?

Montagnier: Well for what purpose, this is unclear. My job is to expose the facts. I accuse nobody. I don’t know who did it; neither why. The possibility is probably they wanted to make a vaccine against AIDS. So they took small sequences of the virus and they installed them on the larger sequence of the coronavirus.

Host: So I’m not sure that I’m understanding all what you’re saying. You mean that in this virus there’s a part of HIV?

Montagnier: You’re right. The genetic material of the virus is a long tape of RNA, as in DNA but it’s RNA. On this tape, in a certain place of it, they have planted small sequences of HIV. And these sequences are not small for nothing, they have the possibility to modify what we call, for example, the antigens sites. This means that if we want to make a vaccine, we can modify the protein subject to the vaccine by a small sequence coming from another virus.

Host 2: Some rumors said that it has a human origin but this was refuted by scientific authorities anyway.

Montagnier: There’s a will to suppress the works on the subject. We are not the first. A group of renowned Indian researchers have published the same thing. But they forced them to retract it.

Host 2: They forced them in what way?

Montagnier: It has been cancelled. If you check their work you find a cancellation band.

Host 2: But most of scientists say the opposite of what you claim here.

Montagnier: Less and less. It just happened at the beginning of this year, and we see more and more works that suggest the same thing. I’m out of age and I’m a Nobel laureate so I can work freely, so no pressure can be exerted on me.

Other Conditions Need Care

Dr. Erickson reports on the secondary effects of the isolation. He mentions child molestation, spousal abuse, alcoholism, anxiety, depression, suicide, economic collapse, as well as people afraid to come in even though they might have a heart attack. He is not alone in this.

Dr. Gerald Gaß is president of the Deutschen Krankenhausgesellschaft (DKG). Dr. Gaß raises alarm about planned procedures that need to resume, and 30 to 40 percent fewer patients with heart attacks and strokes go to the emergency services because they are afraid. (As reported at BZ Berlin

An article by The Telegraph also reports on secondary effects. One effect is the group of patients that are not able or willing to go to healthcare because of the crisis, who who will flood the system or will die at home. Another effect is undiagnosed cases of conditions like heart attacks and cancer. (

More Media Failure

Many media reports of young and healthy people dying from COVID-19 turn out to be false. Many of these young people either did not die from COVID-19 (, they had already been seriously ill (e.g. from undiagnosed leukaemia) (, or they were 109 instead of 9 years old (

Several media were caught trying to dramatize the situation in hospitals, sometimes even with manipulative images and videos, like using footage from Italy to represent New York. ( Journalism is maximizing fear and panic in the population. (


Countries without lockdown aren’t doing worse than other countries. This has also been explained by Dr. Erickson. Here are some more cases: Japan (, South Korea ( and Sweden ( Sweden was even praised by the WHO and now benefits from higher immunity compared to lockdown countries (

Various studies show that there is no evidence of the virus spreading through aerosols (particles floating in the air) ( or through smear infections (through door handles, smartphones or at the hairdresser) (

Dr. Daniel G. Murphy, a chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at St. Barnabas Hospital in The Bronx, agrees that it is time to start opening up. (

Face Masks

There is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of face masks in healthy or asymptomatic individuals ( On the contrary, experts warn that such masks interfere with normal breathing and may become „germ carriers“ ( Leading doctors called them a “media hype” ( or “ridiculous” (

Medical masks are ineffective against viruses. Cloth masks provide breeding grounds for them. According to a 2015 study, healthcare workers caught viruses from their patients 13 times more often if they wore a cloth mask than if they wore a medical mask. (doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2014-006577) According to a Chinese study, a medical mask was no more protective against viruses than wearing no mask at all. (DOI:10.1111/j.1750-2659.2011.00198.x)

The WHO said that wearing a medical mask “may create a false sense of security” against COVID-19 and that “no evidence is available on its usefulness to protect non-sick persons.” (

The N95 mask is recommended for medical workers, but it requires training to use properly and “without training, the masks could not only expose workers to the virus but also lull them into thinking they are protected,” ( The mask has been found ineffective though. A review in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that medical workers caught viruses from their patients just as often when they used N95 masks as when they used ordinary medical masks. (

Masks can harm the wearer. People wearing masks rebreathe some of their exhaled air, lowering the amount of oxygen they are getting. “Wearing respirators come[s] with a host of physiological and psychological burdens. These can interfere with task performances and reduce work efficiency. These burdens can even be severe enough to cause life-threatening conditions if not ameliorated,” according to a 2016 article. ( The N95 mask was tested in use in 2010. The “dead-space oxygen and carbon dioxide levels did not meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s ambient workplace standards.” (

On Tests

PCR tests are not accurate. It is not possible to assess the accuracy of PCR tests because “There are little public data on the false positive and false negative rates of the various RT-PCR based tests.” ( One studie concluded that up to 80 percent of non-symptomatic people who test positive for the coronavirus may not actually have it. (

More Experts

My notes on the coronavirus already contained experts who find the measures “grotesque, absurd and very dangerous”, who “worry about the message to the public, about the fear of coming into contact with people, being in the same space as people, shaking their hands, having meetings with people.”, who say “Whoever thinks that governments end viruses is wrong.”, who agree with Dr. Erickson in saying “If we close the schools, we will prevent the children from quickly becoming immune.”, who are “not a fan of lockdown”, who are “deeply concerned that the social, economic and public health consequences of this near-total meltdown of normal life”, and are calling a spade a spade: “Our main problem is that no one will ever get in trouble for measures that are too draconian.”

Find the notes here:

More On Liberties

My notes also contained experts worrying about the people’s liberties.

“Many are more concerned with what is happening to American society than what the virus will do to us medically. Bad government policies are leading to economic destruction, possibly on a scale not ever seen in our country. This is being imposed upon us. State governors seem almost in a race to see who can cause the most dramatic removal of basic constitutional liberties.

Federal and state leaders are using bad public health policy to promote even worse regulation. Several have remarked that this epidemic offers those who wish to subdue the population an excellent way to see what works and how long it takes to corral people into almost total submission; it’s taking about a month.” – Martin Dubravec, MD, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

“People forget that their governments are run by ordinary men and women who genuinely lack the insight (as well as market-feedback mechanisms) on what actions to take that will truly benefit the health of their citizens and who rely for their advice, unfortunately, on the very same medical doctors, institutions, and corporations who have become hugely wealthy off of the diseases and ill-health that are conveniently incurable by their methods of treatment. Often, their patients live on as their disease is “managed” (some would say “milked”) for all of the money that can be had from the disease. The patients are never cured.”
“I think, simply a cover to change our political institutions and culture, and to further restrict our freedoms. “Never let a crisis go to waste,” is the old psychopathic political saying, and it certainly applies here.”
“The real threat to us is not from the “virus” but from the governments and their corporate overlords who will come out on top when the dust from all of this “pandemic” settles. In mid-March 2020, the Danish Parliament passed a draconian law authorizing the government to test (with their inaccurate tests) anyone they want in Denmark in order to determine if they have been infected with the coronavirus and to even forcibly inject such persons with a vaccine (as yet, non-existent), all against their will and their rights. The law is set to expire in March 2021, but it has set a freedom-smashing precedent that the 95 Danish parliamentarians who voted for it should be ashamed of. Even more, they should all be voted out of office.”
“Gottlieb doesn’t mind violating the Nuremburg Code against lack of informed consent in medical procedures, as he wants to forcibly vaccinate everyone. He thinks a vaccine would take two years to deploy (2022), while medicines could be available as early as this Summer 2020. Meanwhile, the police state reigns in nearly full force on the fraudulent foundation of false statistics.” – Scott C. Tips, NHF President, The National Health Federation

Edward Snowden warned that the crisis will be used for the massive and permanent expansion of global surveillance.
Here is a short clip, published on 3 April 2020, and still watchable on 1 May 2020:
The full interview is here, published on 23 March 2020, and still watchable on 1 May 2020:

Scientists have warned against an “unprecedented surveillance of society” through problematic apps for “contact tracing”. (

Some parts of the world are met with people being monitored by drones and sometimes face with police violence. (

Google makes change to visibility of websites. (

“Against this background, the tech firms’ downgrading and outright censorship of speech related to COVID-19 are not large steps.” (

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