Global Walkout: Step 12

Global Walkout

Global Walkout: Step 12

Step 12 of the GLOBAL WALKOUT is for parents to become more familiar with the school curriculums.

Book an appointment with their teacher or principal, and ask them which books they are reading this year and next year. Also, ask about the sexual education content they teach.

If you’re half way through the school year in your country, do this as soon as possible.

If the school year is almost finished in your country, use this as an opportunity to further vet the school you plan to send your kids to next year.

Below you’ll find a template letter that parents can use to opt out of sexual education if they want to.

It’s time for us to get to know exactly what our kids are learning in school. If you don’t have school-aged children, pass this onto to someone who does. Whether you have children or not, we all need to help protect the minds and innocence of the next generation.

Template letter:

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