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I believe in a world where everyone is healthy, moves well and is quick of mind, even at later ages. I choose a conscious, committed, active lifestyle based on physics, biology and experimentation. I just happen to coach.

Specific Subject Matter

  1. Buy an educational consult

30 minute educational consults on specific topics.

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30-60 minute educational courses on specific topics.

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1-2 day educational courses on specific topics.

Bringing It All Together

  1. Training programs

Follow these programs to be more motivated and focused, and feel more energized every day. Get a sense of what we do. Get a first hand experience on the synergistic effects of a full training program and the associated lifestyle changes.

  1. Experiences

Live the Modern Samurai lifestyle for 3 days. We will do exercises in nature and in the gym. We will educate and apply recovery routines, exercise and nutrition. Throughout the weekend we will share meals, go out, have fun and connect.