Digitalized into a radiant future – dead certain!

Anke Kern

Digitalized into a radiant future – dead certain!

Lecture by Anke Kern: “Digitalized into a radiant future – dead certain!”

Anke Kern gives an insight into her 15 years of research on electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their effect on fauna, flora and mankind. She gives a closer look at facts that are consistently kept hidden.

Lecture Notes

book “The bought state” by Sascha Adamek and Kim Otto, 2008.

book “Mobile communications – a field experiment on humans” by the journalists Grasberger and Kotteder, 2003

1980s: Siemens Corporation development engineer Dr. Günther Volkroth proved to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection that tree death and forest decline was in connection with these radar stations – but no consequences were taken.

British documentary film, 2011: “Resonance – beings of frequency”. Humans are beings of frequency. The film also shows the consequences which show up when we have to go into resonance with these unnatural electromagnetic fields, also the animals.

The bioelectricity in human bodies is measurable: EEG’s to record the brain waves, ECG to register the heart’s current flows, EMG for muscle currents and the EDA for the electric conduction of the skin. Magnetic field of our brain or heart can be measured even meters away from us. [with a SQUID magnetometer] So this constitutes us as bioelectric living beings and therefore we are ALL electro-sensitive and not just a few super sensitive souls.

1990s: Dr. Lebrecht von Klitzingen, university of Lübeck, Germany: incredibly strong EEG alterations caused by mobile phone radiation. He irradiated his test subjects a whole day long with Wi-Fi and the next day the muscle currents were measured. After this irradiation, for 30% of the test subjects this measurement was superimposed with a 10 beat per second pulse. This means that on the skin of 30% of these persons, the Wi-Fi pulse was still measurable and this was even before the main muscle examinations started and although the Wi-Fi exposure was from the day before!

book “Earth, the latest Weapon of War” by Dr. Rosalie Bertell

Dr. med. habil. Karl Hecht, Professor for experimental and clinical, pathological physiology: “The electromagnetic Ocean – essential ecological factor in danger”, the report came out in 1971: “If in near future appropriate precautions and controls are not introduced, based on a fundamental understanding of the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, in the coming decades the human world will enter an era of ecological contamination by energy, which can be compared to the chemical contamination of the environment of today”.

through the technically generated electromagnetic radiation our hormone responsible for joy of life, feelings of happiness, and driving force, the serotonin, is reduced dramatically

a reduced melatonin production. Out of melatonin, serotonin is produced

Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt – he said the following at a congress in 2006 about this issue, I quote: “The main effect of exposure to radiation in this range is not cancer or leukemia or other things we are going to present here, but the decrease in the feeling of being alive, joy of life, the zest for living, courage, creativity, the more subtle things.”

book “Stress through electricity and radiation”, by Wolfgang Maes, an expert in metrology and in the field of building biology, as well as a journalist: research report “Increasing burnout incidence through technically created magnetic and electromagnetic fields of mobile communications” is available online from the Competence Initiative

‘Rimbach Study’: scientific journal „Umwelt – Medizin – Gesellschaft” (“Environment – Medicine – Society”) in 2011: significant increase in release of all stress hormones and significant reduction of PEA, phenethylamine, which is important for a positive state of mind, a kind of early stage of the ‘happiness hormone’

“Just during the boom of mobile communication, between 1990 and 2004, the prescriptions for children who suffered from a low PEA level – so the hyperkinetic children – increased almost a hundredfold. A great business for the pharmaceutical corporations – don’t you agree?”

Magda Havas, four cases of sudden cardiac arrest in teens!
Two of them could be resuscitated, the other two not. This is supposed to be normal in schools today? Exactly like fainting spells, dizziness and nosebleed? All normal? []

physicist and scientist Dr. Brigitte Lange: opening of the blood-brain-barrier by means of technically generated pulsed EMF [see “Blood-brain barrier permeability in rats exposed to electromagnetic fields used in wireless communication” by Bertil R.R. Persson, Leif G. Salford and Arne Brun. In: Wireless Networks 3 (1997) 455–461]

Rudolf Steiner on electric currents: “It eliminates understanding also.”
“At that time the term ‘electromagnetic pollution’ short ‘electric smog’ did not exist. This term was created only in the 1970s, when the biologist Dr. Ulrich Warnke was doing research on bees at the University of Saarland … Is there anywhere in the discussions about the bees disappearing, a single remark in public, that there could possibly be a connection to this and that there are even clear studies about it?”

2011: WHO classified mobile phone radiation in the category 2B

Europe-wide REFLEX study carried out at 12 research facilities in seven European countries: it causes double-strand breaks in human DNA

Dr. Masaru Emoto: Water attracts radiation, highest amount of water in our body is the brain, the blood and the glands. “That’s why for instance in Fukushima or where ever else these nuclear catastrophes occurred, glandular cancer, leukemia, brain tumors are a big issue.”

Barry Trower: at the congress, very many premature births

team from the University of Tel Aviv: irradiated water for two hours with conventional mobile communications radiation (weak EMF) and discovered that the bacteria in the water multiplied 2-3x faster and lived longer

Prof. Dr. Monika Krüger, University of Leipzig: demonstrated how Glyphosate acts in the human body relating to bacteria

book “Mobile communications – a field experiment on humans” by journalists Kotteder and Grasberger: how scientists are treated, how they are discredited and denounced as unreliable

Klaus Scheidsteger: documentary “Thank you for calling” under the title “Prohibition for cordless DECT telephones requested”. Today these DECT phones are present in nearly every home.

Dr. Volker Schorpp: ‘’: produced quite clear scientific evidence about trees for the Federal Office for Radiation Protection

highly prominent person, namely the former WHO director Gro Harlem Brundtland: 2002, declared in an interview that each time she used a mobile phone she got a very strong headache, all the colleagues around her had to deactivate their mobile phones

(WDR) television documentary about Ulrich Weiner: at the same point in time when Ulrich’s heart rate went up, also the lama’s increased. In fact it was exactly where the radiation of the transmitter came in strongest. “Now does this mean that the lama would urgently need a psychotherapist?”

book “Electro sensitive – Radiation refugees in a radio networked society“ by Christine Aschermann and Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam

“Sometimes people are so desperate that they commit suicide.”

an article “Microwaves make water evaporate”

book “The Think Tanks” by US journalist William Engdahl

“The technotronic era is marked by the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values. Soon it will be possible to guarantee an almost uninterrupted surveillance of every single citizen and to keep up to date records, where even the most private information about the citizens is stored. The authorities could have direct access at any time.” Mr. Brzeziński, in the 70s in his book “Between two Ages”

technical director of the NSA, William Binney, was interviewed in the context of the NSA inquiry board, admitted that indeed every electronic trace of every single person is saved and archived by the NSA. in book “ Fassadendemokratie und Tiefer Staat” (Fake Democracy and Deep State)

film “Battle field internet – when the net becomes a weapon” reports that Edward Snowden had contacted the film team that produced the film. He provided documents which proved that the NSA intended to bring the internet fully under their control.

book “BLACKOUT” by Marc Elsberg

honorable secret service agents such as Kevin Shipp, who reported about the criminal schemes of the US secret services

former British secret service agent Dr. Barry Trower, who reported about the use of microwave technology and declared how dangerous these pulsed frequencies are

book “The Think Tanks” by William Engdahl: “The Anglo-American think tanks presented here, are the front line or the pretty facade of a group of stinking rich, cold blooded people of a truly racist death cult. Their motive is the drastic reduction of the world’s population.”

under mobile communications radiation, the development of cancer can be faster and more fatal

Professor Dr. Karl Hecht: mid-90s, German government, for the Federal Institute, hyperactivity, increased secretion of stress hormones. “In his study he found out that 20% of people are resistant. I wonder if he was appointed to find out how many people could be wiped out in the long run if they are all irradiated?”

book “Façade democracy and Deep State – on the way to an authoritarian era”: humans and nature are supposed to serve for the profit of few

US NTP study where scientists in the USA even demanded the classification in the highest category

Further Reading

AZK 16: Lecture by Anke Kern: “Digitalized into a radiant future – dead certain!” at klagemauer.TV


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