Neo Empire

Random Act of Kindness, Pay It Forward, or just liking something so much that you have to share it (like kids do).

Friends are putting together a cyberpunk film. Film remains enjoyable. Cyberpunk is awesome. Interest was peaked. They have the skill to deliver an entertaining picture you’ll want to invite friends over for on a rainy Friday evening. Read their words on the story:

“Set in a multicultural dystopian city, the movie tells the story of Ishmael, a rebel living in the slums of NEO EMPIRE with his two friends Gil and Seed. Downloading consciousness is forbidden in Neo Empire, but Ishmael has found a way to download his dead brother Habeel, who was killed by the rival gang leader; Zazz. In their quest for vengeance and truth the trio are pulled ever deeper into a world of secrets, viruses and conspiracy. Will the group be able to finish the download before the authority finds out? And what other dark truths will they discover hiding beneath the smiling facade of this crumbling city?”

Please visit their Kickstarter to view the introduction clip, see the rewards, and join the backing:

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