Taking Screenshots In Windows 10

Windows 10

Taking Screenshots In Windows 10

Taking The Screenshot

Press the Windows + Shift + S keys together to open the screenshot tool Snip & Sketch.


Once you press the keys, the screen dims and the snipping bar appears at the top-center of the screen.


There are four different ways of choosing which part of the screen is captured:
• Rectangular Snip: Take a screenshot by drawing a rectangular shape.
• Freeform Snip: Take a screenshot by drawing an unrestricted shape.
• Window Snip: Take a screenshot of one of the windows that are on your screen.
• Fullscreen Snip: Take a screenshot of your entire screen.


When selecting Rectangular or Freeform Snip, hold a left click while dragging around the area on your screen that you want to screenshot. When selecting Window Snip, choose from your open windows and select the window by clicking it.
After you selected an area to screenshot a notification similar to this one will show:


Click the notification and the Snip & Sketch program will open with your screenshot loaded. From here you can edit, mark up or save the image.

Highlighting The Screenshot

Select the Highlighter tool in the middle of the toolbar. Now you can freely draw on the image. Mark the areas that need highlighting.


Right click on the Highlighter icon to display its options. You can select different colors or change the width of the marker.


Cropping The Screenshot

Select the Image Crop tool.


The screen will show a rectangle. The lighted area inside is what will remain after cropping, the masked area will be cut off. Use the corners of the rectangle to change the area to your liking. Once you are satisfied with the result, click the check mark in the top right corner to confirm.


Save your image when done editing. Click the floppy icon in the top right corner to save.

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