Senri Kawaguchi: drumming madness

We don’t stay on top of the music scene here at Modern Samurai. When we do get awoken from our music slumber, it’s sure to be good. Recently we’ve been amazed by the drumming skills of a young lady named Senri Kawaguchi.

Senri displays grand skill at the drum kit in YouTube videos. The first one we clicked to play is below. At the age of 14 she is covering the song Crazy Army by artist Steve Gadd in the live house Galliver on July 31st, 2001.

Now that we were completely distracted, we moved on to another performance. This demonstration is titled Jinshin no Ran. As one can tell from the start of the video, after some heavy studying, beating up drums is the way to relax hard.

At the time of writing we found two albums on iTunes: A La Mode and Buena Vista. Or check out her YouTube channel for more free videos.

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