Shared Folders Aren’t Showing Up


Shared Folders Aren’t Showing Up

If you’ve made the folders or files shared and you’ve set the access permissions, but the folders aren’t showing up in File Explorer, then check the following settings.

Network Discovery

Check if network discovery and the file and printer sharing options are on:

Open the Control Panel.

Navigate this path: Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings.

Under the current profile, select the radio buttons next to “Turn on network discovery” and “Turn on file sharing and printer sharing”.

Click “Save changes”


Set four services to automatically start:

Open Services. Search for it in Start, or press Windows key +R and run “services.msc”.

Search for the following services in the list, open the properties for each, and set the “Startup type” to “Automatic”, then click “OK” to save the settings:

  • Function Discovery Provider Host
  • Function Discovery Resource Publication
  • SSDP Discovery
  • UpnP Device Host

Restart the system.

The shared folders and files should show up now.

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