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This order is for a 1 hour long Educational Consult.


What would better health mean for your life? What would optimal health mean? What would you do if you had more energy throughout the day, all day? How about sleeping better?

We all want to live long and healthy lives but we can’t see the forest for the trees. Media will tell you one thing this week and another the next. Most simply don’t have the information nor the action plan to filter out the nonsense and start living a life optimized toward health.

Modern Samurai will help you discover the proper actions. We filter out the data to give you the best strategies science, biology and experimentation has to offer. We will inform you in an understandable manner but will not dumb down the content We believe anyone can understand this and take action toward avoiding:

  • obesity
  • sleep disorders
  • psychological disorders
  • retinal damage
  • tired eyes
  • and more

When you join a Modern Samurai Educational Consult you will learn about the effects of light on human biology. You will get strategies to apply what you’ve learned in your life. Call them “light hacks”, if you will.

Living an optimized life doesn’t just come from knowing better but also from doing better. But you have to know better first, before you can do better.

Now is the time to start. With regard to health, sooner is better than later. Join a Modern Samurai Educational Consult today and start feeling better!

This order is for a 1 hour long Educational Consult.


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