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Japan Cyberpunk


E-book offering a detailed look into the cyberpunk genre. It contains cyberpunk characteristics, it’s classics, and a philosophical analysis with a relation to Japanese culture.


In Japan we see movies like the Tetsuo: The Iron Man, and Ghost in the Shell. Outside Japan we find Blade Runner, and The Matrix. Any viewer watching these movies at some point realizes the close relation between humans and machines. These movies belong to the science fiction subgenre called cyberpunk. It is easiest described as “high tech and low life”, referencing a technologically highly advanced society and marginalized loners at the edge of the city, respectively. This book will illustrate the genre with several examples in order for the reader to understand as best as possible what falls within it’s sphere, while for a deeper analysis we will look into the Ghost in the Shell manga. Within the cyberpunk genre this book identifies several components, such as the transhuman aspect (eg. cyborgs), the idea of the ghost in the machine (eg. uploading), and the identity crisis that arises from cyborgization (eg. Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell).

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