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Remote Posture Analysis


Remote Posture Analysis


Been sitting at a desk all day? Also using the computer much? How much time do you spend in your car? Are you noticing more stiffness and soreness on one side rather than the other?

Modern day living is creating imbalances in the body. Whether it is a raised shoulder from working with a computer mouse or tightness in the hip from driving a car. Perhaps your shoulders and neck are arching forward from reading. Identifying and correcting these asymmetries and dysfunctions will alleviate pain and soreness. Symmetry improves balance and will make you less prone to injury.

All posture analysis packages include:

  • Full assessment of current posture
  • Advise for optimization
  • A list of practices and cues to focus on
  • A list of recommended mobility exercises

Start your path towards better balance in body so you can remain free of pain and have clarity of mind. Order the remote posture analysis now.


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