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Solar Panels: Photovoltaic Cells


E-book offering everything you ever wanted or needed to know about electricity producing solar panels, or photovoltaic solar panels, from ore to panel to the installation in a house.


Solar panels are common these days. The panels on the roofs of houses or businesses are easily spotted during a drive in the car or even from a train. The general setup of the modules to power a house are discussed in the book. The point is to educate you on the overall picture and not to teach you how to install a system yourself. In the same educational perspective there is a section on the internal workings of a solar cell. This is a topic that requires further exploration by people. In the end it is people who use the modules and systems, whether it is for a house or a business. To make an informed decision on the purchase of a module it is better to know more than the financial calculation. Knowing half of the truth usually leads to a full lie. The internal workings of a solar cell in combination with the setup in a house, the financial side and the environmental impact will assist you in creating an as complete as possible picture. To help you spot solar technology today, and in the future, there are sections on future developments and other applications of solar panels (differing from the modules in a home). The book is written in an informational style to provide the material in an easily understandable manner, and in the shortest time investment on the part of the reader.

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