Dr. Cameron Kyle Sidell On Covid1984

Dr Cameron Kyle Sidell On Covid1984

Dr. Cameron Kyle Sidell On Covid1984

This video was published 5 April 2020 here:


Virus thought to cause pneumonia, starting from something mild like a cough.

COVID-19 not this disease. Medical paradigm that is untrue.

Misguided treatment leading to tremendous harm to people.

Not pneumonia and not treated as one. Appears as resembling high altitude sickness.

Not know the answer to this disease but quite sure that a ventilator is not it.

Use ventilators if muscle’s of patient are too tired to work. Muscle’s work fine in these patients.

Increasing pressure on lungs to open them up is doing more harm than good.

Use them in safer methods. Beliefs that must be overcome.

Urge you to speak up.

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