Tactics For Dealing With Non-native Electromagnetic Fields (nnEMF)

Ultimately, the best thing to do is to not use any of it. Go offline. Live without electricity. Move far away from anyone who does.

A little less radical for the modern world, get a kill switch. Either have one installed or use your main power breaker. This will cut off the connection to the power grid at the place where it enters your house. Use it to turn everything off when going to bed.

During the day, unplug everything that you are not using. Appliances, devices and anything electric leaks energy. This is especially so with transformers, which are found in chargers for example. This not only keeps you from nnEMF when unplugged but will also save on the electric bill, as will most nnEMF mitigating.

Ground yourself as much as possible, at least 45 minutes per day, by touching skin to Earth (grass, sand, water, or any combination of these). Leather is also OK. For shoes, make sure the soles are leather, as usually the fancy top part is real leather and the rest is fake or rubber.

Get a good EMF meter. Measuring is knowing, if you know what you measure.

Here’s a list of other ways to mitigate:

Wi-Fi router

  • Hardwire all devices with ethernet cables (use adapters if necessary).
  • Disable Wi-Fi.
  • Shut off router when not in use. Unplug from the electrical outlet.

Tablets, computers, TV and other devices

  • Hardwire with ethernet cables.
  • Keep on airplane mode. Turn off all emitters like wi-fi, bluetooth and infrared.
  • Block blue light with a program and/or use a filter on the screen and/or use blue blocking glasses.

Smart meters

  • Have them removed.
  • Use shielding.

Cell towers, antennas, neighbors and other living area concerns

  • Relocate.
  • Educate your community and legislators.

Cell phones

  • Turn off when not in use, or at the very least keep it in airplane mode.
  • Keep it in a bag instead of a pocket. This could even be a shielded bag.
  • When in need of a signal, make sure you get good reception. This could mean going towards a window or simply going outside.
  • When in use, prefer texting over calling.
  • When calling, keep the phone away from your body and use speaker phone, or at the very least air tube ear buds.

Dirty electricity. power cords, power outlets, light switches

  • Use shielded wires, outlets and switches.
  • Be careful with filters. More does not mean better. Know what you are doing and measure.


  • As with computers and screened devices, block blue light. Just stay away from any of the lights with lots of blue, for example fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescents.
  • Get incandescent lights. They have less nnEMF and the spectrum is better.
  • Use sunlight during the day. Use fire in the evening.

Clothing, jewelry, accessories

  • Limit the amount of metal on your body. Metal jewelry, accessories, underwires in bras etc. act like antennas.
  • Be careful with sheeting, grounding pads and the like. They can work but you have to know what you are doing and have to measure. They are a waste of money when they do nothing. They are deadly when they act as antennas and enhance the nnEMF in your life.


  • As with clothing, be careful with sheeting.
  • Get rid of that box spring mattress. Get one free of metal.