Winter Is A Difficult Time

Winter is a difficult time
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Winter Is A Difficult Time

Winter is a difficult time. The sunshine hours are few. The cold gets in the cracks. Our mood and productivity during these days significantly decreases. One of the reasons for this is the shorter periods of sunshine per day as well as the weaker sunshine. Naturally this impacts our physical state, our health and our mood. Exposure to sunlight increases our dopamine levels. This very active neurotransmitter is associated with motivation. Deficiency in this neurotransmitter can have a serious impact on well-being. So, how to handle the low availability of sunlight? Well, first of all, get as much of the sunshine that is available as possible. Next, embrace the cold. It turns out that exposure to the cold is a strong stimulator for dopamine production. Practically this means that you should wear as little clothes as possible. This not only increases exposure to the cold but also to the vital sunshine. Many have embraced cold showers and/or dunk themselves is tubs with cold water. A mere 20 seconds exposure to very cold water could be all that you need to increase epinephrine significantly. Become a member to get access to the cold adaptation protocol and start enjoying the cold, and its effects:



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