Windows 10


WinDirStat is a great tool to discover what is taking up most of the space on your disks. The treemap is an excellent feature. It shows all the content by visualizing it as colored rectangles. The larger the rectangle, the larger the file. This is a big boon to hunt down large files that you may want to remove to reclaim lots of disk space in one go. The classic tree view is also present, with details about the files. Next to that there is an extension list. Another boon for file management. It allows you to explore files by extension. For example, you could select an extension that matches video files and it will show where they are and how much space they are using. All the fields interact. Click on a large rectangle in the treemap and the tree view will mark the same file or folder. In this way you can hunt down the specific file on the disk through the folder structure.

Installing WinDirStat

Go to the download page on the website: The installer file is available on FossHub. Click on the word “FossHub” to go to their page.

WinDirStat Home

Click on the words “Windows Installer” to start downloading the install file.


Go to your download location and double click on the file to start the installation. It looks like this on the desktop.


Give administrator permissions when prompted. You should get prompted. This is more secure. Read and accept the license agreement by checking the box. Then click the Next button.

License Agreement

Select the type of install you want. The recommended settings are usually fine but if you need extra languages, select them. Then click the Next button.

Install type

Specify the destination folder for the program files. The default is fine. Change it by typing in the right path or browse for a new location by clicking on the Browse button. Let’s go with the default. Then click the Install button.


Once the installation completes, click the Next button.


Leave the box checked if you want to run WinDirStat right away. Uncheck if not. Then click the Close button.


WinDirStat is now installed.

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